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Published: Wed, 07/08/2020 - 18:53
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Treating Wrinkly Skin Stretch Marks

If you have ever been worried about wrinkles or stretch marks, you are not alone. But there is good news – Secret™ RF can help! Secret RF is a novel skin revitalization method that utilizes microneedling techniques with fractional radio frequency (RF) energy. The Secret RF system stimulates tissue coagulation and hemostasis and regenerates collagen in order to address the common signs of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as scars and stretch marks. Secret RF is customizable, meaning it can safely treat all skin types. This energy-based treatment is convenient, cost-effective, safe, and enthusiastically supported by many plastic surgeons.

Secret RF has been used to treat wrinkles, scarring, and other skin changes in many areas of the whole body. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sands is one proponent of this system. He says,

We worry about the skin surrounding everything that we do on the body...this really provides another avenue for us to enhance our results, not only on the face but also the body as well.

So, whether it be your face, neck, hands, or some other part of your body, Secret RF can be used to help enhance the skin and reduce the imperfections associated with aging. Dr. Sands says concerning Secret RF, “I saw much greater potential to treat other areas of the body that were not even being talked about.”

Dr. Manu Aggarwal, Medical Director of the Vein Care Center Laser Specialists in Lima, Celina, and Bluffton, Ohio says, “Everyone wants to look and feel their best at all stages of life; our goal is to help them achieve it.” Dr. Aggarwal sees patients from all walks of life, each with their own personal reason for seeking treatment of skin issues. She says,

What I appreciate about Secret RF is that I can customize each treatment to the individual patient I am treating.

She has also seen astonishing results using Secret RF to treat the appearance of stretch marks (Photo 1).

Stretch mark treatment with Secret RF

Photo 1

Dr. Mira Kaga, the founder of The Kaga Institute of Medicine and Aesthetics, located in Freehold, New Jersey, also stands behind the Secret RF system. In her practice, she has observed remarkable success, even when treating old scars. She says, “We were surprised by how effective Secret RF was with that old scar.” Secret RF achieves these results by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which results in healthier, younger-looking skin. Dr. Kaga says, “Secret RF has been a game-changing addition to our practice."

Another physician using Secret RF in their clinic is Dr. Adriana K. Holy, founder of THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology in Phoenix, Arizona. Every patient is unique, and people seek treatment for many different reasons. Dr. Holy has even noted an increase in younger patients interested in Secret RF for issues such as acne scarring and stretch marks. Dr. Holy says, “Secret RF has become the new ‘gateway’ procedure in our practice,” and describes Secret RF as her, “new artistic paintbrush.” If that was not enough, Dr. Holy says this with regard to Secret RF technology,

the device is truly changing the way my patients look and feel about their skin.”

While face revitalization is indeed a possibility with this technology, the face is not the only part of your body that Secret RF can target effectively. Dr. Sands says that ‘the telltale signs of aging are not just evident on the skin of the face, but also in the neck and the hands and other parts of the body that are visible. He added,

with a device like this, you really do feel comfortable with its applications on all of those areas … giving that patient a whole global difference in their natural age compared to what they actually look like after the treatments.

All in all, experts agree that Secret RF works. Whether you are seeking treatment for wrinkles, scars, or stretch marks, Secret RF very well may be the treatment for you. According to Dr. Sands, “You really can feel comfortable treating anywhere on the body or anywhere on the face as aggressive or not as aggressive as you would want to. That flexibility really offers us a wide range of capabilities. I think that we're only scratching the surface on what we're seeing as far as results.” To learn more about Secret RF treatments, visit today.


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