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Shunji Nakano, M.D., Ph.D.

Dermatologist — Japan

Cutera Advocate Shunji Nakano

Cutera Customer Since 2010

Why Cutera

I believe that Cutera's development of medical devices with a view to skin, fat and muscle will greatly advance the medical field in the future. I am also very pleased that Cutera holds regular seminars to share information on the safe and proper use of medical devices. The point to emphasize is the quickness of system maintenance, and I am always surprised by this wonderful response. I use enlighten very often on my patients, and the rejuvenation effect is amazing, as well as its benign pigmentation treatment results.


Shunji Nakano M.D., Ph.D.,is a dermatologist in Miyazaki Prefecture. He is the president of Nakano Clinic and a clinical professor at Department of Dermatology, Kurume University School of Medicine. His practice consists of a wide range of approaches including general dermatology, nevi treatments, hair removal treatments, facial rejuvenation treatments, and body contouring. Because Dr. Nakano is an authority on the treatment of nevus with laser devices, his clinic has patients who are referred by clinics across the country. He also pioneered the introduction of enlighten in Japan and established a safe and appropriate use of enlighten's skin treatment for Asian skin types based on histological and clinical assessments over 4 years. He lectures and trains these findings to doctors in Japan at many academic conferences and seminars.