Cutera Advocates

Sean Arendse, M.D.

Cosmetic Physician — Melbourne, Australia

Cutera Advocate Sean Arendse

Cutera Customer Since 2017

Why Cutera

From the minute I bough my first Cutera device, I was blown away. Cutera devices are the gold standard in the industry and deliver result time and time after, consistently, reliably and safety. I know that when I turn the key on my Cutera device that is will always fire up and deliver the results not only I expect but what my clients expect.

Partnering with Cutera allows me to keep my practice ahead of the curve. Cutera's constant innovation allows me to offer new proven treatments, and results to my aesthetic clients. The support that not only me but also my staff receive from Cutera is something that I have not experienced with any other device company in the marketplace.


Dr Sean Arendse graduated from King's College London and has a background as an emergency consultant at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. He founded Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinics in 2007, and enjoys working across both the fields of Emergency medicine and Aesthetic medicine. He is currently a member and on the Board of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia, and 2018 completed a postgraduate diploma in clinical dermatology with Queen Mary's College London. He has a keen interest in the use of both energy based devices and non energy based treatments in achieving the best aesthetic result for his clients. He has a special interest in Cosmetic medical emergencies which he has published on and is an advocate for safety in the Aesthetic industry.