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Rakesh Nanda, M.D.


Cutera Advocate Rakesh Nanda

Cutera Customer Since 2015

Why Cutera

I chose to partner with Cutera because they offer a variety of devices that can treat all skin types and most cosmetic conditions. That was particularly appealing to me as I own over fifty different devices across my locations. Also, another advantage is that the company is not so large so there is that personal touch that often is lacking with larger companies . When I added all of it up , Cutera just made sense for me and my patients.


Dr. Rakesh Nanda is a highly respected specialist with advanced training in a broad range of wellness, cosmetic and dermatological procedures. He has advanced training and certification in bioidentical hormone therapy treatments, PRP and stem cells, nutrition, supplements, sexual health and wellness, as well as body reconstruction and fat reduction.

Originally trained in internal medicine and pediatrics, his work with research and cosmetics began more than 10 years ago and he started his partnership with cutera four years ago. Cutera devices owned : Enlighten , Secret RF, Trusculpt ID, Trusculpt Flex . He chose cutera lasers due to the versatility of the devices as well as the results.

Dr Nanda is the owner and medical director of Jiva Med Spa with offices throughout the state of Ohio, and soon will have locations nationwide.

A fully certified and credentialed specialist in aesthetics and skin care, Dr. Nanda performs advanced laser treatments for tattoo removal , body sculpting , hair reduction/electrolysis, facial reconstruction aesthetics, facial and body veins, facial resurfacing, acne, scars, and rosacea and pigmentation treatments, sexual health and wellness, PRP, stem cells and many others.

Dr. Nanda grew up in Houston, Texas, and currently resides in Columbus , Ohio.